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Reasons behind the matchless success of Audi A6 are finally revealed

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Feb 27, 2020
Audi A6

You come near and it lights up this is where the story starts

Audi A6 lies in the class where competition is tough. Every car in this segment has different characteristic which covers everything a luxury car should have. So to survive there has to be something extraordinary and different to coop with the competition.

But Audi A6 is not a bad pick either still more has to be done to reach the level the leaders have set. The exterior is no doubt amazing. The minor changes have occurred in the outlook but mostly it is the same and as attractive and fashionable as ever.

Audi A6 is like its A8 sibling but smaller in size a bit different in driving. There is the mild hybrid technology present for the engines to keep things economical and environmentally friendly as well. The engine choice is vast and you can have an engine as per your desire. Audi A6 second-hand engines are as much capacity as the original fit is and they are refurbished according to some set standards for the brand.

The interior is, of course, lavish and there is a whole lot of technology installed inside. The cabin has to be lavish as this class requires status. The ride quality depends on the selection of suspension which has four options. The adaptive dampers are the best when you want comfort over larger unrests on roads.

Engines on offer to choose from

Three engines are offered at present. The first one is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel engine. There is also a 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine and a 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine is also offered. Another engine which is going to enter the range is a diesel engine 3.0-litre with lower power than the V6.

The 2.0-litre engine is slow but the fault is not in the engine, it is the automatic gear change that makes things wrong here. But the engine is not that bad. It is okay for the ones who do not want a speedy ride. The next in order is the 3.0-litre engine which is good for the keen drivers.

This engine is highly capable of going around town and on motorway highs speeds. But the thing over here is also related to gear change. The Audi automatic transmission system is also efficient. When lowering down the gear is needed the system is reluctant and reacts late which becomes annoying.

The petrol 3.0-litre has more power and performance but it will be a burden on pocket as compared to diesel. Audi remanufactured engines are provided with the same engineering to give the same experience.

What the adaptive dampers do to the ride

The ride of the sedan with or without adaptive dampers is a different affair altogether. The one without it is not bad on bumpy surfaces but it will make the car almost jump after the task. It will appear as if something has popped up and back again in the box.

So to avoid this situation the adaptive dampers are important. This suspension makes sure that the landing is smooth as well as the travelling. The adaptive suspension does not make the ride soften up a lot. It keeps the ride firm but with the touch of sophistication that makes the experience even more compelling to ride again.

Adaptive dampers are worth the try and they also do not cost much. The adaptive air suspension, however, makes things pricey but there is more smoothness added but with an airy ride also.

If you like it then there is no issue installing it. Engines do perform better when there is an appropriate suspension present. Audi A6 engines for sale are reachable plus they have that perfect tuning to move ahead.

Handling is aided by the right steering

Audi A6 has a perfect handling side. It may not be as perfect as the rivals but still, there is a perfect response to do things right. The steering has a light and smooth response. The actual weight of the car can be forgotten when such a wheel is in hands.

It may not be that much precise. But the placement can be predicted well and there is no lack of confidence from the driver while doing it. The road grip is great. Cornering the car is a living thing to do due to the road grip of tires.

There is also four-wheel steering present to elevate the fun even more. It tightens up the corners while turning and this reduces the radius keeping the accuracy intact.

The cabin is peaceful and loaded

There is a lot of insulation to keep the outside as well as engine noises at a hush. Engine noise can only be heard at occasions but it is not noticeable and if it is then not annoying at all. The 12.3-inch infotainment screen is standard and there is also an 8.6-inch screen to do other jobs.

These two screens have a host of technology from navigation to climate control making everything digital. But the thing is that we are used to having buttons or dials for climate control or other functions like this. So it becomes a headache at first but when sued to it is the best.

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