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Meet the Smallest Audi Tourist Trophy

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Mar 4, 2014
Audi TT 2015

Audi Tourist Trophy commonly known as the Audi TT and it is the smallest contestant in the Audi model line-up. It started it journey with Audi model line-up almost a decade ago and with the time it becomes the heartbeat of its lovers.

However with the passage of time and immense advancement in automobile technologies, the TT has received several timely updates and came up in its second generation eight years after being previewed by a concept in 1995.

The second generation of Audi TT was introduced in 2006 in both Coupe and roadster versions. After nineteen years of its concept in 1995, Audi is ready to unveil the third generation of smallest TT at Geneva Auto Show 2014 following the eight years pattern set by the first and second generations in 1998 and 2006 respectively. Audi says that, the TT will be offered in Coupe version with roadster set to follow a several months later.



A detailed TT review suggest that it will be very similar in dimensions as the current type of TT and the chassis and engine line-up will also be the same as of the future R4. Most insiders are expecting that the new TT will likely to use a 186 hp Audi engine and a 170 bhp on both diesel and petrol variants. A 1.4 Litre TSI will lead the petrol versions and 2.0 Litre TDI with 170 Bhp will be used in the diesel variants. It has received update package recently in three different steps where one was taken on feb.27 and second was received very next day after the first one. It is built on the Volkswagen’s PQ35 platform with front engine chassis and it will be offered in both front and all wheel drive powertrains but a lot of things are going to change anyways where the top version model, the TT-RS , expect to see a 2.5 Litre five-cylinder engine with 350 HP.

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