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What Makes Audi The Leader Of Horsepower?

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Jun 6, 2016
Audi Electric Turbo Feature

Audi has become the leader when it comes to the horsepower and diesel engines figures are just awesome

It is not a new thing for the German automakers to compete in power with their competitors in the market. This war remained alive in 2015 as well and automakers came up with several options, however, Audi presented it’s multi-turbo diesel engines to lead the war of horsepower from theĀ front. It has become the leader of power figures for the passenger cars with its top of the class diesel engines.

The German automaker easily managed to squeeze 400 horsepower and hefty whirl of torque from its muscular diesel engines in the passenger cars.

What Engine Sizes Audi Prefers?

Audi loves to use V8 engines with 4.0-litre displacements and any of them is not a simple engine but mixed with supercharging solutions to make them actually powerful.

The V8 engines fitted with two conventional turbochargers and they work sequentially for good performance, however, when it comes to the electric turbocharger, it is actually a game changer. It uses a 48 volts electrical system with a unique configuration in the automotive world and it is replicating the system into the majority of models.

What is Audi V8 TDI engine?

The all new Audi SQ7 uses the most powerful engines and it is the first to use Valve lift system as well to bring continuously variable valve timing on the diesel engines. Previously this technology was introduced in the petrol engines only.

The powertrain has a hefty power of 400 plus horses from 3750 to 5000 rpm. The torque figures are impressive as the unit can churn out a mountain of torque of 663.8 lb-ft. it is one of the most powerful production V8 TDi engines and the most important thing is that the torque delivery starts from just 1000rpm and it continues till 3250rpm.

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