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How Audi Q2 Crossover will Handle Powerful Engines?

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Apr 9, 2016
Audi Q2 2016

Audi Q2 has determined to offer something special for buyers, delivering the powerful engine.

It will be come out to hit the road in November 2016. With a beautiful design, plenty of colors trims and a magnificent shape, now, new Audi Q2 decides to give some extra fun to Audi growing crossover line-up. Audi denotes the it like a Trojan Horse and tries to get the new customers used to buying Audi’s.

Audi is already most famous around the world, presenting the classical models with a number of efficiencies. But the current model of Audi about to get some extra worth and has the ability to beat the rivals.

Engine of Audi Q2

There is a big surprise and gift in the engine for the customer’s behalf of Audi Q2. There is a bit powerful thing that the two-strong petrol lineup will kick off with 115bhp with three cylinder engine, producing the feature an auto just 187bhp 2.0 TFSI.

Surprise for European Buyers

Aha, there is surprise for the European buyers to get the attention towards the Q2. There is flagship that European buyer will get the 248bhp 2.0-litre, but it is not confirm yet that Audi will try to offer this flagship for the UK customers.

The Diesel Engine

The diesel engine contains the 115bhp 1.6 and 148bhp 2.0 TDI for now, producing the Quattro four-wheel set to be available across most engine later in the year.

There is an option that the all engine come out with latest seven speed S-Tronic gearbox, taking the help of decoupling function. If the Audi Q2 tries to make the engine power more excellent, it can get the top position in the model of Audi.

Price and Arrival of Audi Q2

The beautiful Q2 was respectively shown at the Geneva Motor Show 2016, taking a UK debut made shortly afterwards in London. It is the fourth smallest but magnificent model in the Q family. It is expected that Q2 give the glimpse of its beauty in July. It will hit the road in November 2016 to show the power of the engine and reveal that there is nothing present in the world to beat the engine power of Q2.

If you want to enjoy the ride of this nymph, you largely need to save the money much more from today. If you have no money, so you can’t guess that what a lovely thing you are going to miss. It is not very costly, starting the prize around £22,000. The Q2 is deciding to punch up the Mercedes GLA and forth coming BMW in the fierce crossover boom. We will see that how much it will be successful in future in its aim.

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