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Digging the New Audi A1, The transformation era

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Apr 25, 2019
Audi A1

Everything about this latest version is fresh and incredible

One thing you cannot deny about Audi is that there is always something new which comes up with a new model or an upgrade. The previous Audi A1 was small but it was a proper Audi, representing the brand proudly. This new A1 is not that small as it used to be in the first generation.

This one has been made longer and wider. It is offered in one body style only that is Sport hatchback with five doors. The restyling is sporty and from the simpler look, this one has been transformed into a more stylish piece.

This latest one is based on the Volkswagen MGB AO platform which is responsible for longer, wider and lower dimensions. The car is made more according to the aerodynamic equations. There are more round touches to the body and through it, the exterior is made more powerful.

To add more style there is the black frame although all aluminium can also be ordered. The problem with that one will be that it will make the outlook more like a common hatchback and steal away the speciality.

The more you let the car by itself, the more you enjoy being in it. This upgraded version shows what Audi can do to its products and to what extent it can improve them and convert them without losing the real essence.

The engine story

There are four engines in total offered by the company in Audi A1. The first one is of 1.2-litre engine and it is a three-cylinder. It gives of 94 bhp and 136 lb-ft of torque. The next in the line-up has the same capacity and it offers 114 bhp and a torque of 148 lb-ft.

This one is nice and flexible with good pulling power and eagerness. The 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine is a step ahead with 148 bhp and 184 lb-ft of torque. The final one is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine having an outcome of 197 bhp and a torque of 236 lb-ft.

There is a dual clutch transmission added to the last one while the lower ones have it as an option with a manual transmission as standard. For the new ones, it will be mostly front wheel drive while the powerful versions also have Quattro wheel drive as an option.

A small car with a good ride

This one is refined to give the driver the best of the driving experience in small cars. The car’s suspension deals with even the worst bumps in the best way. It is the most refined one in the category giving a smooth ride throughout.

You are on a rough road in a town or on the motorway there will be no shudder in the cabin which disturbs the inner peace. There is a good damping control and it makes itself settle even better than a Mini in the class.

With all these traits the vehicle has proved itself to be a peaceful ride to be in. This means no matter on which road you are on the ride is going to be enjoyed by the occupiers. There is the punchy side missing for the drive but it is a better ride in every way when a Mini comes in comparison.

The handling side also does not disappoint

This Audi is simpler to handle and have an accuracy associated with it. What makes accuracy improve is steering. It is not too soft nor it is too much firm to the annoying extent. It gives you a light feel around town where you need quick responses and has to get through a busy road.

When on the highway it changes into a more responsible being with an increased weight which gives stability and control at higher speeds. There is a very minor lean but it is unnoticeable and the car has a tight grip for the road.

The result is a ride which is liberal and conservative at the same time and this combination really works out well. The cabin is devoid of engine noises which is a relief as on high speeds much of the smaller cars have them.

The longer wheelbase

For the new version, there is a long wheelbase which is the right thing done to give space inside. The interior is one in the right way to match the nature of this car. The striking border lines for the steering wheel and the dashboard layout one can easily guess being in a sports car.

Everything is nicely placed to give the driver easy accessibility and vision. The angled placement towards the seating position of the steering wheel really makes things easier to operate for the one behind the wheel.

The materials used inside are of good quality and gives a nice sense of luxury and sporty excitement. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also there for the higher trims and for the lower ones these are present an option.

What else is offered?

There are a lot of things you can do for you A1 as Audi offers many options to personalize your vehicle. The one which is the prettiest thing is that the roof colour will be available to be changed. There are 11 exterior paint choices to make the roof go with which is a nice incentive for the sport car lovers.

You may sense a male inclination for the new one but it is to balance the previous version which was more for the females. It is a car for all and not specific to any one gender. But in specific it is a far more related to the driver as everything is in easy reach for the driver and all the driving pleasures are centred to the one in control.

The cabin colours are also a lovely addition and those colour lines do change the environment inside making it more pleasant and younger. So for all those longings for a small car but with quality materials inside and easy to be in this one will surely provide one.

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