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Declared Best Large Luxury Car, Audi A7

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Jan 13, 2021
Audi A7

Cosy seats for five keep the cabin occupants detached from uneasiness

Four door hatchback for five persons with most modern features by Audi is A7. It has been ranked high in class of large luxury cars so best technology, generous space inside and at rear for luggage and most important smoothly accelerating power unit are present. Used Audi A7 engine UK is an alternative for buyers of old engines.

Predicted reliability of the car is also good so nothing absent from the usual expectations of upscale car buyers. All-wheel drive configuration adds thrill to power range of engines from 335 hp to 444 hp. Fuel average is quite good for this kind of lavish travelling option.

Cosy seats for five keep the cabin occupants detached from the uneasiness of rough patches of tracks. Hatchback cargo area easily swallows big bags and some gears. Models of the car with different engines let you choose easily according to your needs. The most powerful unit of the range is capable of 444 hp.

All engines of the range are fuel efficient so that running cost may not restrict buyers from selection one over other. Advanced safety features prove it one of the best contemporary cars. The infotainment system is usual and its smooth functioning is more concern.

Audi has dual screens for infotainment but many find them distracting so their complaint about this important feature is obvious. While controlling different features and using these screens focus does not remain on driving. Otherwise, it is hard to find fault in this superb lavish car.

First generation models are present in the market

Everyday practicality has been priority and boot space capacity let you carry large size number of bags in new Audi A7. A new power variant model has been added in the line-up so now you could have 591 hp RS 7 which is far stronger than last year top 444 hp engine power model. Audi A7 second hand engines have not this option so you could choose only from old units.

The second generation of the car was launched just a couple of year ago so complete redesigned is not that old. Last year new powerful variant added and now another more muscular unit has been made part of Audi A7 line-up. First generation models are present in the market and you can own them at quite a low piece.

The new base model is one of the expensive cars of the luxury saloon segment. Sportier S7 model of the car is even more expensive and newly added high performance variant tops the price too. If you have driven Audi A6 then you can notice that there is no big difference between these two.

Drive dynamics, V6 and V8 engines and interior space all appear identical. Cabin build quality is the best in class and materials used by Audi are responsible for this remarkable feedback. Apart from base level model price difference, you will find A7 good due to ample boot space and more powerful engines.

Audi A6 base level comes with the four cylinder engine which consumes less fuel than entry level Audi A7. Audi has made this car lavish and attractive with extremely powerful engine line-up.

This four door car has seats for five

Boot area of A7 has lift gate which has a volume of 24.9 cubic feet so you can think of bigger items to carry. Furthermore, you can fold down rear seats to increase the area and carry bigger items like a pair of the bicycle. This capacity of Audi A7 is greater than any other car of the class and matches with more expensive cars.

This four door car has seats for five and people at rear feel better too. Driver’s seat is supportive and other front row seat also has similar features. Headroom for taller people on the second row could be an issue due to body design of the vehicle.

Leather seat covers are standard just like any other large luxury car and front seats are heated as well. Buyers can choose from other seat options as well like massaging, sport seats and heated rear seats. Latch connector pair is standard for rear row and tether anchor for the middle seat is also present.

Interior is classy and modern without being showy so modern day amenities are at your dispense with elegance. You will be impressed for sure. Refinement remains good when car cruises at high speed as road and wind noise stays out of the cabin.

Last year the peak performer has 444 hp

Base level Audi A7 has 3.0 litre V6 engine under the bonnet. This 335 hp powered unit is paired with seven speed auto transmissions. All-wheel drive system of Audi is also standard. It takes just 5.2 seconds to cross the speed mark of 60mph so you cruise nicely on the highway and can overtake easily.

Speed pedal accelerates the vehicle immediately and transmissions shifts smoothly. Audi engines rebuild in order to offer better second hand units to budget buyers. Mild hybrid assist of a 48 volt battery is also offered to start the car. Last year the peak performer has 444 hp with 2.9 litre twin turbo unit.

This unit has eight speed auto transmissions and gets to 60 mph speed in four and a half seconds whereas the newly added RS 7 model further decreases this time to 3.5 seconds.

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