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Audi Q7 is an Ultimate Choice for reliability and luxury

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Aug 16, 2018
Audi Q7

Audi, a Name of Worth Audi, a German-based multinational company and a member of Volkswagen Group has been manufacturing luxury automobiles for last 100 years. 4 circles in Audi’s logo symbolise 4 companies merged to form its predecessor company. Audi produces 100% galvanised cars to resist corrosion and is the first mass-market automobile to have […]

Audi has achieved another feat by delivering 1,455,123 vehicles to customers, up some 11.7 percent on 2011.

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Mar 13, 2013
Audi Engines

Audi turned over £42.6bn and operating profits were up marginally in 2012 to £4.7bn, a good result, Audi says, because of the substantial investment being made in future models and production facilities. Audi’s return on sales margin was 11 percent and its return on investment 30.9 percent. Audi’s biggest selling model last year was the Audi […]

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