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Audi A2 engine for sale with low CO2 emission figures

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Audi A2 Engine Replacement

The Audi A2 engines were hailed by the fans of Audi as being ahead of its time due to their ultra low CO2 emissions however the design has also distinctiveness over its class-mates, a superb quality and efficient performance also make the Audi A2 a good motor. Audi A2 engine has a good value for […]

AUDI A2 Engine Codes

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May 29, 2013
Audi A2 Engine Codes

Audi A2 Engine Code list   Following table provides the engine codes for all Audi A2 models. Engine codes make life a lot easier when looking for replacement parts. Whether you are looking for a whole engine to be replaced or just a smaller engine part, if you have the engine code for your car, […]

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