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Audi TT is the Most Dynamic Sport Coupe

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Oct 14, 2021
Audi TT

Now it is the third generation of the car and Audi has significantly made it better

Audi TT is a well-known sports car and the latest model of the vehicle is luxurious too. Drive dynamics are just like of sports car so you get quick acceleration, agility and responsive steering. Audi offers two body styles, coupe and convertible. Both these are quite popular among buyers of these cars.

Audi has improved it a great deal over time. Comfortable seats and the latest technology features are present in Audi TT. This car does not only look stylish but also offers a very impressive drive experience. The first generation of TT was launched more than two decades back, in 1998 and followed by the second generation with a lot of improvement in driving performance.

Now it is the third generation of the car and Audi has significantly made it better. People want modern exterior appeal and true sports car performance. This car is a balanced combination of both and thus receives good feedback. It is sold more in numbers than competitors from BMW and Ford.

With its continuous good performance coupe Model of Audi TT won several awards over the years. You can choose from as many as 11 trim levels and the price range difference is huge. The top trim level price is two times than entry-level TT price. Audi TT reconditioned engines for sale are easy to find due to their selling in large numbers.

Four petrol units are present in the Audi TT line-up. Three power variants of 2.0 litre unit and one 2.5 litre unit are there to choose from. The base level 2.0 litre engine is capable of 194bhp and pulls very nicely.

Quattro four wheels drive option is also available

Second in this line-up is the power variant of the same petrol unit with an increase of output, 245bhp. Similarly, the most powerful variant of the line-up is capable of 320bhp. The maximum output of the most powerful 2.5 litre unit is 400bhp.

The fuel average of this extremely capable unit is 31.7mpg, which is quite reasonable and the other three offer an even better fuel average. The best fuel average you get from Audi TT is a little bit more than 42mpg. The exterior paint variety is vast and Audi offers a warranty of three years to buyers.

The time to reach 62mph speed is 6.6 seconds for the most fuel-efficient engine. 2.0 litre replacement engines for Audi TT make sure that the drive experience remains very much the same. Quattro four wheels drive option is also available for 45TFSI models of TT to make your drive experience further exciting.

The standard front wheels drive configuration for the 40TFSI engine of the car may not suit your expectations. This engine has been paired six speed manual gearbox and it is the only one in the line-up, come with this gearbox. An engaging drive is more exciting for many drivers, even in modern times.

It requires only 4.5 seconds for the most powerful variant of 2.0 litre petrol unit to cross the barrier of 62mph. It is a TTS model and Quattro four wheels drive is standard with it. In Dynamic mode, you get the best response of the speed pedal and reach the speed mark in no time.

Auto gearbox works rally good as it holds gears shifting to give you the required thrill of a coupe. It is an S Tronic auto gearbox so you would enjoy driving this sports car paired with auto transmissions.

Handling is perfect

Five cylinders unit 2.5 litres is the most powerful and gives you plenty of power. With 400bhp you find TT RS ultra-quick. Suspension of the coupe has been designed to suit the drive dynamics of the coupe but also take care of riders comfort. It is not like a lavish limousine but a sports car with reasonable comfort for drivers and riders.

These two doors have good cabin space. With bigger wheels, every single imperfection will pass to occupants. These 20 inches wheels make it more appealing and you will like to add them at cost of comfort. Adaptive suspension is standard in the TTS model and it provides a better ride experience. You are at liberty to select the soft or stiff character of this advanced suspension.

Shifting between different modes is simple so you can switch from one to another, instantly. Handling is perfect with a light and precise wheel in hand. The anti-roll system let you make tight turns without any worry. Road grip is also excellent when Quattro all wheels drive has been selected.

In dynamic mode, this moves sharply

Two wheels drive Audi TT is not good in slippery conditions. Rivals are not at par with Audi TT and real sports cars like Porsche Cayman and Alpine 110 are more thrilling to drive. Being a sports coupe this car is not as hushed inside as any upscale car could be. This should be accepted and expectations must be realistic. Engine noise and road noise gets in though not a great deal. In dynamic mode, this moves sharply and you will experience quick acceleration. The Interior is very good just like any of Audi vehicles. It is simple in look and easy to bring in use different features. A 12.3 inches digital instrument display is present behind the wheel. It is to display all the important information. You can adjust both the driver seat and steering wheel.

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