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Audi TT is as stylish as Ever

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Jan 27, 2016
Audi TT 2016

All new Audi TT constructed around the MQB Platform that underpins the variety of Volkswagen components

All new Audi TT is simply as stylish as ever but it’s now even more fun to drive with a new refined range of engines. It’s all happen because of a colossal weight loss. New Audi TT has been constructed around the Volkswagen’s MQB Platform which is known for light weight vehicles.

New Dynamic Appeal

The TT’s new dynamic appeal is co-ordinated by strong performance and inspiring fuel economy – particularly from the forceful Audi diesel engines – so the range is as economical as it has ever been.

The forceful and carefully designed diesel is the choice of the TT series, but it doesn’t mean that the petrol engines are not good performers. Petrol engines are also striking.

A True Driver’s baby

The TT has always been a coupe blended with a sports car features. It offers utmost enjoyment behind the wheel with class leading everyday usability. It is lighter in weight, faster in speed and efficient when it comes to fuel economy. In short, the new TT is a true sports car with everyday driving features.

The TT petrol engines

Audi TT TFSI petrol engines are tersely powerful and smooth in driving, where the entry-level 1.8-litre engine delivers 178bhp and 250Nm. That pushes the TT from zero to 62mph in just 6.9 seconds.

The 2.0-litre TFSI engine creates 228bhp and 370Nm, and managed to cut the 0-62mph time to 6.0 seconds in similar configuration. But, if you opt for a Quattro version with a S-tronic transmission, it will be even faster and manage the 62 miles per hour sprint in just over 5 seconds.

Fastest ever TT engine

The quickest ever Audi TT engine comes in the TTS version with a punchy 308bhp and 380 Nm of torque. It is equipped with Quattro all wheel driving system and takes only 4.8 seconds to get the sprint of 62miles per hour from stand still but if mated to S-Tronic dual clutch transmission, this time will be even reduced to 4.5 seconds and you can feel just flying over the road.

Driving experience is sharper and engaging than the old TT models.

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