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Audi S1 Rally cross Racer Comes Out with 600 HP Engine

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May 5, 2014
Audi S1 2014

Audi S1 is hiding a raging monster under the bonnet that helps it every time to get fame. It is what makes Swedish driver and two times DTM Champion prominent. This year Matthias Ekstrom will participate in World Rally cross Championship with Audi S1. This concept looks like just what they need to compete in the rally. He is very confident about the S1 and believed that this little monster will bring some good crowds at the rally. It is a S1 with 600hp Audi engine but at first glance it looks like the A1 Quattro just because of the shape of grille and its elegant white paint with pre-facelifted head lamps.

Apart from its beautiful body style and elegant looks, it has something more to be noticed and that is it’s highly tuned 2.0 Litre turbo engine. This tiny Audi engine has magnificent power generation capability and in the case of the S1, it turns out a massive punch of power of 600hp, similarly as the Ken Block’s Fiesta S2000 does.




It transfers the power equally on all four wheels with the help of Audi rocket pocket which helps the S1 to drag from zero to 62 miles in 1.9 seconds. I am really not surprised by this performance as it is the least time even lesser then Bugatti Veyron but it is the need for every car participating in Rallycross now a days and Audi S1 with its driver Ekstrom will face hard competition from the Peugeot 208, Citroen DS3, and Ford Fiesta ST.

This year at World Rally cross Championship, many Star drivers are participating and most famous figures that you will see them in action there are Jacques Villeneuve, Tanner Foust, Ken Block, and Petter Solberg.

Audi’s Quattro emblem has been connected with the rallying for only if we can remember. You have to wait till the rally cross starting in this month.

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