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Audi Q7 is an Ultimate Choice for reliability and luxury

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Aug 16, 2018
Audi Q7

Audi, a Name of Worth

Audi, a German-based multinational company and a member of Volkswagen Group has been manufacturing luxury automobiles for last 100 years. 4 circles in Audi’s logo symbolise 4 companies merged to form its predecessor company.

Audi produces 100% galvanised cars to resist corrosion and is the first mass-market automobile to have this technologized car. Audi along its rivals Mercedes Benz and BMW is among top-selling luxury cars.

Audi Q7 earned niche due to their latest technology and is appealing to most shoppers of luxury crossover sports utility vehicle for its unmatched features and additions. Attracting features are top quality interior, superb ride quality, updated and latest security features luxurious comfort.

Close-Packed Engine of the Beast

Audi Q7 offers 1 diesel engine and 2 petrol engine options. Its diesel engine type is 2967cc while the petrol engine types are 1984cc and 2967cc. Diesel powered engine with a powerful 2967 cc of 3.0 litre diesel engine 245.41 bhp 24V V-Type is capable of generating a maximum torque of 600Nm at 1500-3000rpm.



The close-packed engine dispenses much power and torque with enough compression ratio assist in achieving 14.75kmpl millage and can go up to a maximum speed of 234kmph.

75-litre capacity tank with Common rail direct fuel injection system keeps your car running on long distances and you don’t need to stop on long rides.

Compact Classy Exterior

Audi Q7 looks to the future, manufactured on cutting edge technology. Mighty dimensions of 5042mm length and 1740mm of width with 7 seating capacity provides 295-litre volume for cargo.

Wide grills with adjustable headlights on upper sides give Audi Q7 a compact classy look. Stylish curves on right and left sides of bonnet give a retro scan to the car. The panoramic roof of full length is equipped on the car that gives convertible like feeling to front passengers when opened.

Alloy wheels give strength and ensure performance over steel wheels as alloy wheels are lighter in weight. Less weight exerts less tension on suspension components.

The Fresh and Pleasant Interior

Engine start/stop button is there for a smooth self-start. Automatic Climate Control keeps the interior fresh and pristine. Power windows and power adjustable exterior mirrors give independence to riders.



With multi-function steering wheel Audi Q7 helps the driver to control sounds and other gadgets without taking his hands off from steering. Audi Music Interface (AMI) gives freedom to connect electronic gadgets with the car’s music system to act like an mp3 player or so.

Thick window glass ensures maximum noise blockage from outside into the interior and adds to the comfort zone. The dashboard gives interior a cockpit-like look and everything is designed and on only an arm’s distance.

Audi Q7 is one of the most user-friendly luxury automobiles and is loaded with top-notch features. All of its features combine to make it an ultimate choice.

Audi Q7, an Extremely Safe Car to Drive

Anti-Lock Braking system uses sensors to check if any of the wheels are about to lock up then this system would send a command to control and then hydraulic would limit the braking on that particular wheel.



Parking sensors assist in getting your car parked carefully without any chance of dent. Day and night view rear mirror provides assistant to drive irrespective of the atmospheric light conditions. Wheel rotation is continually noted to keep car’s grip and stability on road optimized by the Traction Control system.

All of the passengers are given enough safety such as airbags from front and sides that blow at a time of collision or accident. In the Euro NCAP crash test, Audi Q7 acquired 4 stars ratings while in the USA it gained 5 stars ratings under National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for both front and rear impacts of accidents.

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