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Audi Q7 one of the most spacious SUVs

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Feb 8, 2019
audi q7

Apart from engine excellence, the new model has the latest tech, reduced weight, aerodynamic exterior

Sports utility vehicles have not been in limelight until the recent surge in the sales of these automobiles in all parts of the world. Audi Q7 is an iconic luxury SUV which has been among the top choices of every expert of vehicles. The second generation of big lavish all-wheel-drive car is to carry on with the good sales history of the previous generation.

Yes, it is big and pricy option among the best in the segment and that is why it could not dent the market share of the leaders in this class. Apart from engine excellence the new model has the latest tech, reduced weight, aerodynamic exterior to avoid air resistance and with all upscale luxuries. Audi Q7 reconditioned engines are also available in the market and they are preferred when most drivers want to replace the engine of their SUVs.

Audi Q7 engines supply and fitting facilities can be obtained from a single source. They perform not as well as a new one but they maintain the performance well and are reliable. They are cheap and easy to find so you can get a reconditioned engine fitted into your car within no time.

The 3.0 litre V6 TDI engine has two power variants

The new model Q7 has shrunk in size to look smarter and by reducing a couple of inches in some dimensions it has achieved to be less weighty. The bulky look of the car has also gone and the horizontal creases on the exterior also play part in it. By shedding 300kg of weight its performance will surely improve. The 3.0 litre V6 TDI engine has two power variants 215bhp and 268bhp.

It puts into motion all the four wheels and uses torque converter eight-speed automatic transmissions system. The next in the line-up or the most powerful is a 4.0-litre V8 diesel engine and SUVs do not have anything with more muscle than this one. The maximum output it promises is 429bhp and anyone can imagine how thrilling it would be with four-wheel drive configuration.

With this, you can turn the rear wheels opposite

Suspension with steel springs is standard throughout the range but as an option, you can go for the air suspension to make the ride more comfortable. To shorten the turning circle of the vehicle there is a four-wheel steering system. With this, you can turn the rear wheels opposite up to five degrees to the front wheels at slow speed.

When the car is running at higher speed the system allows turning the rear wheels in the same direction to improve the cornering ability of the big vehicle as well as the response of the steering. With this feature, the driving performance of the SUV is considerably increased but this is again a feature present on the list of options and not fit in every model as standard.

Only two trims are available

The first row of seat views all the controls so seems too many to the occupants of these seats. There is a lot of space too in the front. Passengers do not find their seats having lesser space to travel in a relaxed position. But the third row is for children and they will be happy there.

It is practically designed interior and the newly set standard of Volvo and Land Rover are matched by this model of Audi. Only two trims are available for this big car and it is to keep the buyers safe from getting confused. It is also notable that the entry level is also stuffed with more than required features for a lavish car. So you do not need to look for extra.

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