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Audi Has Outshined BMW in Sales in the First Two Months

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Mar 24, 2014
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Audi has sold more premium brands in the first two months of 2014 and surpassed its competitor BMW in premium cars sales. Audi’s official reports shows that compared to statements of rivals Audi is leading the sales game. Reports shows that the difference between the best selling premium brand Audi and the second premium selling brand BMW in the first two months of new-year is only 383 premium cars but the lead of these 383 units is big enough to declare the Audi a winner for premium sales rankings for January and February but in the same period of time last year BMW was leading the sales game with 429 units But the Ingolstadt based brand has managed to swiftly get ahead of its competitor, and surpass, its rival is sitting in Munich.

Audi has sold out 242,400 cars in first two months which shows an increase of 9.3 percent if we compare it with the sales of last year. Audi A3 has maximum share in sales with 43 per cent in February and Audi Q7 has 32 per cent sales in the same month, according to official figures of Audi. On other hand BMW has slightly lower sales but they also have good growth rate of 8.9 percent. Those from Audi are not predominantly overjoyed with this outcome, according to Rupert Stadler, Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. “Competition in the premium segment is more intense than ever. We’re ahead of our two main rivals in the first two months, but this doesn’t really interest me much. Our focus is on further growth.”
Audi is also looking forward to launch 17 new or redesigned models in this year. New generation of Audi TT and these models are the part of a five year strategy, in which Audi has massive investments of about 30.4 billion dollars. All these investments are made in order to be the world’s number one automaker.

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