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Audi Engines are Not that Reliable Afterall

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Feb 4, 2013
Audi engines

Although a car is made up of many parts and pieces and all of them have to work together in order to return an excellent performance, however, engine is a key part of any vehicle. Almost all of the cars initially come under warranties but they run out after a while. Engine failure is a main problem that  motorists has to face.

It also comes with heavy costs. Warranty Direct has recently carried out a survey of 50,000 car owners and the results are quite interesting. It is a common perception that German cars are very reliable, but this study has proven it wrong. All the German car manufacturers failed to perform in this study except Mercedes Benz.  Audi engines are the worst performers with one in every twenty seven Audi engines have been reported as problematic. Apart from the engines for Audi cars, the MINI by BMW is also in the list for most unreliable cars with one in every forty cars needing a replacement engine.

However, Honda scored the top marks with one in every three hundred and forty four cars being reported for engine problems. Toyota came second and Mercedes Benz managed third position with only one in hundred and ninety nine owners reporting engine trouble.

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