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Audi to Buy Fuel Cell Patents for New H-Tron models

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Feb 24, 2015

Buying patents for Hydrogen fuel cells hints at a new Hydrogen Hybrid systems for Audi

Alternative propulsion is gaining importance with every passing year and Audi is also working on it. however Audi has offered some best in class engines for their leading models but in past few years we have seen a push towards alternative energy sources used by Audi in their new models. They have introduced an E-tron model line-up along with the Hybrid models. A new TDI system has been introduced for extra efficient fuel consumption.

Now in the next phase, Audi is diverting its intentions towards petrol-free mobility and the A7 will be the first model to benefit from this new technology. All new Audi A7 Sportback will not use the conventional means of propulsions diesel engines or petrol engines as but it will use the next generation hydrogen fuel cell technology combined with the plug-in Hybrid systems.

By using this technology, Audi will enter the list of some selective automakers who are about to introduce fuel cell technology as an alternative fuel. Audi has jumped on this bandwagon with A7 H-tron Quattro concept. The seriousness of Audi AG can be judged by considering the facts that Audi has paid some money to buy fuel cell patents.

Ballard Power System Inc. has sold the patents to the Audi AG; a Canadian clean-energy company focusing on eliminating customer costs and risks associated with fuel-cells. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s board member said that the patents will be shared across the Volkswagen line-up.


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