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Audi A7 2014 Reviewed

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Dec 26, 2013
Audi A7 2014

The 2014 A7 is taking the glare of publicity from the high-powered S7, plus the track-ready RS7 for the first time. Buyers will quickly realize that the fairly straightforward and reasonably priced A7 is pick of the series. A7 still isn’t a wall flower even it is blessed with all the luxuries through a 2014 Black Optics package and S-line trim. It has a very wide boot to haul a massive luggage load on its way to 62 miles per hour in just less than six seconds time. Audi claims that the A7 is a change in the traditional saloon cars sector in the automotive industry. It can be easily customised car and you can ask for styles according to your mood.

It has a huge tailgate to facilitate your access to the wagon like cargo area and rear seats which can fold easily. Initially Audi A7 will come with a mere mechanical specification and it has a supercharged 3.0 litre V6 engine. The Audi A7 engine is mated with eight speed automatic transmission and has permanent all wheel drive configurations. This 3.0 litre V6 engine can exclusively produce 310bhp of power and a massive twisting power with the torque of 325 lb-ft right above the idle. The all new A7 took just 5.4 seconds to achieve 62 miles and then went all the way up to 130mph mark of electronically limited top speed. Audi A7 has very improved suspension system which is even not used in the S7 or any other Audi cars. It has less flexible configurations for utmost performance.

Adaptable Electronic dampers are used in A7 and can be easily configured through standard Audi Drive Select menu. This can also adjust steering sense; throttle reaction and stability control constraints. The A7 challenges other rival in the class because of its extraordinary boot space and considerably low roof. It is more contented as an infrequent four-seater than a genuine five-passenger saloon. The basic characteristics remain reliable despite the need of surface shine around the base A7. A7 is actually powerful, fast and luxurious and returns a good performance, with a lavish cabin and the comfort and reliability of Quattro AWD.


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