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Audi A4 Quattro Engine For Sale, A Powerful Option

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Oct 30, 2013
Audi A4 Quattro

A number of Audi models are equipped with the company’s turbocharged 2.0 litre inline four cylinder engine and the 3.2 litre V6 has been nine-to-one that is almost 90% of all A4 models. Most buyers of Audi A4 models like to choose diesel engines, however the most favourite in petrol is the Audi A4 Quattro engine for sale, a 2.0 TFSI Quattro  is a four cylinder engine with the displacement of 1984cc. It is capable of producing 208bhp of power at 6000rpm with a punchy hammer of 258 lb-ft of torque. It works on direct injection fuel delivery system that returns the fuel economy of 40.6mpg while cruising on the motorway and 35mpg combined in the city areas and motorway. Audi A4 Quattro engine for sale emits 159g/km of CO2 that looks much higher but it has the power that propels the A4 on the road from 0-62 in just 6.5 second time and has a top speed of 154 miles per hour.




On the other hand, the little master 2.0 litres TDI diesel Audi A4 Quattro engine is powerful companion that is based on four inline cylinder assembly with the displacement of 1968cc. It is capable of producing 161bhp on 4200rpm with the sheering torque of 280 lb-ft at 6000rpm. It has a direct injection fuel delivery, economy of the diesel Quattro engine is 52.3 miles per gallon while cruising on the motorway and 38.6mpg in the city areas however it has an average of economy of 46.1mpg that is far good than its petrol variants. The CO2 emissions of 2.0 TDI Quattro engine are of 134g/km which is a remarkably lower than the 2.0 TFSI Audi A4 Quattro engine for sale. The Quattro is a concept used for a four wheel drive system introduced in 1980 on the permanent all wheel drive models. This system has the ability of fully manage the vehicle electronics dynamics in all traction situations, whether in cornering, acceleration or braking.

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