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Audi A3 Engine Codes

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Jan 7, 2013

Whether you need a full Audi A3 engine replacement or you need any other components for the engine, it is vital to know the engine code. It makes it very easy to find spare parts from a belt to the gearbox for Audi A3.  Here is a basic tip to keep your Audi A3 engine in a good shape. It works for every car engine. Change the Audi A3 engine oil on time and always use the recommended oil for Audi A3 engine in the user manual. Some of the main  engine code for Audi A3 are given in the table below:


Audi A3 Engine Size

Audi A3 Engine code

Fuel Type


1.6 8v AEH/AKL/APF Petrol 1996–2000
1.6 8v AVU/BFQ Petrol 2000–2003
1.8 20v AGN/APG Petrol 1996–2003
1.8 20vT AGU/ARZ/ARX/AUM Petrol 1996–2003
1.8 20vT AJQ/APP/ARY/AUQ Petrol 1999–2003
1.8 20vT (S3) APY, AMK Petrol 1999–2001
1.8 20vT (S3) BAM Petrol 2001–2003
1.2 TFSI CBZB Petrol 2010–
1.4 TFSI CAXC Petrol 2007–present
1.6 BGU / BSE / BSF / CCS Petrol 2003–2010
1.6 FSI BAG / BLF / BLP Petrol 2003–2007
1.8 TFSI BYT / BZB Petrol 2007–2008
CDAA Petrol 2009–present
2.0 FSI AXW / BLR / BLX / BLY Petrol 2003–2007
2.0 TFSI AXX / BPY / BWA / CAWB Petrol 2004–2008
CCZA Petrol 2009–
BHZ / CDLA Petrol 2006–
(Audi S3 only)
3.2 FSI AXZ / BDB / BMJ / BUB Petrol 2003–2009
AXZ?(Canada)[18] Petrol 2003–2009
2.5 TFSI CEPA Petrol 2011–present (Audi RS 3 only)
1.6 TDI CAYB Diesel 2009–present
CAYA Diesel 2009–present
1.9 TDI BJB / BKC / BXE / BLS Diesel 2003–2009
2.0 TDI BKD Diesel 2003–2008
BMM Diesel 2006–2008
BMN Diesel 2006–2008
CBAB Diesel 2008–present
CBBB Diesel 2008–present
CBEA Diesel 2010–
1.9 8v TDI AGR/ALH Diesel 1996–2001
1.9 8v TDI ATD/AXR Diesel 2001–2003
1.9 8v TDI AHF/ASV Diesel 1997–2000
1.9 8v TDI ASZ Diesel 2000–2003



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