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Audi A3 Comes Fully Loaded in 2013

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Jan 16, 2013

There is a 64GB hard drive fitted into this new Audi A3 for music streaming and has a built in Wi-Fi hotspot. It enables the users to wirelessly connect their smart-phones with this car and allows a full internet access with live updates. In the glove-box, there is a chip located which hold a 1.2 GHZ dual core processor, controlling the whole infotainment system.




In the early stage, this A3 will be offered in three fully revised engines for Audi A3. The 1.4-litre TFSI Audi A3 engine for sale generates 121 hp. Another engine for Audi A3 in 2.0-litre TDI displacement with 147 hp. The petrol engine for Audi A3 also comes in 1.8-litre TFSI displacement with 177 hp.


From a technological perspective this new Audi A3 is claimed to be the most advanced hatchback Audi has ever built. All the advanced sci-fi technologies that could benefit the buyers have been put to use in this new Audi A3 which definitely will set new yardstick in gadgetries used in vehicles. This Audi is equipped with most intelligent infotainment system that other rival just wish for. It is due on sale in September this year and uses 3D Google Maps along with satellite navigation system.


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