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Audi A3 has all the advanced features required

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Jul 15, 2019
Audi A3

It well deserves to be called a true Audi A3 having the right amount of everything

Audi A3 is nothing new to the buyer. It is an old product but then why it still wins heart has an interesting answer. Audi is a Volkswagen product and this particular range has style as its main component.

But this does not mean that style alone has taken it to such heights of success. There is the right kind of engineering, proper weight distribution, comfort level well in check and the engine works well with suspension and other mechanical factors to give a product ready to be loved when ignited.

Audi A3 has no doubt all these qualities and there are very fewer areas where you can actually criticize this model. It comes in two body styles, vhe, and convertible forms and is among the top picks for small car luxury range.

But all this has not come easy. There are vigorous and minor updates which have kept this car in the competition till now. Every minor or major upgrade brings with it something new and exciting for the buyer but keeping the purpose alive.

Audi A3 engines provide a really good amount of power to get it going like a sports car. Same as original reconditioned Audi A3 engines and gearboxes also make up a good set to replace the troubling one. Audi engine supply and fit service are just right for the job to be done at the same place.

Old and new engines perform equally well

There is a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine ready to inject power in two different ways. One is a 186 hp with 221 lb-ft of torque. It has a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission paired with it and front-wheel drive.

The other one has a horsepower of 220 and with it comes a torque of 258 lb-ft this second one has a four-wheel drive option as it injects more power to the system. It has a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is associated with this trim only; others have front-wheel drive as standard.

The 2.0-litre engine was added to the line-up in 2016 along with others. No matter it is the 1.6-litre engine or the 1.5-litre engine the petrol and diesel sides perform equally well. There is a refined and balanced torque distribution along the way.

The diesel engine remains quiet until unless you want to exceed its limit. You get a quick response from the engines when throttled with no lazy delays. There is also a 6-speed manual transmission present as standard which gives a smooth gear change.

An improved handling experience

A lot has improved in the car and handling it is more fun than it was in the past forms. Also, the ride quality has improved giving much less shudders inside than before. The steering is light but accurate.

It gives the cross country driving ability needed for such a vehicle. Curves are no longer a problem either to cover in fact the car feels light and capable while turning. The four-wheel-drive available gives more grip to the tires necessary for an adventurous ride.

There are good body control and accuracy present to aid the ride further. The controlled trait makes it easy to be handled while at high speeds. There may be less fun part present but stability is as important for a people carrier than just accelerating.

Interior capacity and comfort

From the inside, there are the same class-leading characteristics needed to describe the luxury sedans. There are the comfortable driver and front passenger seats. You also have a good leg and headroom there. There is less space at the back as it is there in rivals.

The materials used inside are of high quality making the cabin look sleek. It gives a solid look with metal touches to both manual and automatic gearboxes. The cabin is filled with technology having virtual cockpit as an option to give the particular experience mostly present in Audi products.

The car is safe also giving automatic emergency braking as standard and features like this has earned it a top rank in the area. But many advanced ones are limited to the top trims and not everything is available for the base ones. Adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, active lane control, and automatic high beam are among the ones in higher forms.

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