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How Audi A1 Engine is spreading happiness?

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Jan 2, 2017
Audi A1

 Audi A1 is good looking car with muscular engine and classic designing and you will feel relaxed and happy after driving it.

We are living in 21st century and this century offers several advantages like high living standard and innovation but there are some disadvantages as well like depersonalization of human relationships and puny spiritual values. Researchers have proved that man is becoming more sad and unfriendly due to the progress and inventions in this century. Yeah, sadness is normal human reaction to different life event changes. For this sadness to get away from a person, travelling is the best remedy.
According to Rumi, “Travel brings power and love back to your life.” So travelling should be a part of life as a man seeks a lot and could know different people and can stare towards natural beauty of this earth. Therefore, for easy and smooth travel, you must own a car. Now question is that which car? and most important thing is whether the engine of that car is powerful enough to bear the long drive or a family trip? These days, there are number of leading companies which offer you smart cars with efficient engines but the question is which make to get and definitely, which model to get?
Don’t worry my friend if you are having the same question. This article is going to help you choose the right car for you. Audi is a German glorious vehicle manufacturing company founded by August Horch, headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany; started its operations in the early 1900s. Horch in German becomes Audi in Latin. It is the leading opulent cars producing lavish brand among the rivals in the market. Among the different cars made by Audi, let me present you the big boy, Audi A1.

How Audi A1 looks like inside and out?

This travelling could be much easier if you are driving Audi a1. Even though A1 is the smallest car in Audi’s range, it upholds Audi’s reputation for producing premium interiors. Audi’s smart supermini is a poshed-up VW Polo underneath. It impressively competes with the likes of the Mini and DS 3, meaning the sales pitch is on an exclusive cabin plus heaps of sharp options and trim combos.
It’s accessible in stylish three- and five-door formats (the latter one is dubbed ‘Sport back’). The mid-life facelift has neatly brought a very little frontal restyling ( I am talking ‘little’ as in ‘you’ll probably think it slight of hand by Audi’), unique new top-end, navigation and connectivity options, and a suite of revised strong engines that enhance performance and ease of use along with less drinking and emitting.

Audi is powered by a strong and fuel efficient engine:

Just like any Audi, the A1 actually feels solid on the road and brings as such no surprises in the department of handling, nasty or otherwise. It feels like a really bigger car, but not like a mighty and vigorous little supermini. You can easily have three levels of suspension. Simply forget Sport or S line, keep to the finer standard one, available on almost all models, because it rounds off UK-road bumpiness quite better, and trades little in the steering sharpness. The muscular 1.6 TDI engine makes really better than 80mpg on the official cycle (which means only 82g/km of CO2), but if you are in a hurry it doesn’t feel like it desires to help.

A more intriguing sub-100g/km choice is the new three-cylinder 1.0-litre turbo petrol, a jolly thing happy to rev higher. It is well worth a look because it feels anything but entrance-level. The powerful 1.4 turbo petrol comes along with 125bhp or with 150bhp if you obtain the one that shuts down cylinders for better economy of fuel. For now, on the outside the fiery S1, that’s it. The Audi A1 1.4 TFSI was given the award of “car of the year 2011” by the British What Car? magazine.
The solidity and materials quality of Audi even in a supermini means it is a class-leader. Certainly it doesn’t have the quirky flair of a Mini, but you might not really want that, and it’s surely trimmed in better stuff throughout. It is indeed a big compliment to say it feels just like a bigger Audi.
Up front you are comfortably sitting in a good seat with an elegant driving position, but no-one buying a three-door will be hoping much rear headroom. Would not get it either. The decent five-door is marginally better. The boot isn’t much great and decreases further if you command the Bose stereo with its subwoofer. The dash screen is controlled by a knob underneath it, not the ordinary Audi controller on the tunnel, Worse.

Audi undoubtedly knows how to nudge you up the price ladder. The impressive base SE comes only on small wheels, so everybody is pushed into a upgrade to Sport. A two-tone roof is somehow expensive as it mandates metallic or pearl paint (you get it for absolutely free on a Mini).
And the muscular 150bhp engine comes just in costly S line spec. Still with the newly cleaned-up engines, the A1 can’t challenge the Mini for the performance-to-CO2 ratio (though the 1.0 is pretty parsimonious). Insurance isn’t low-cost for a small car either. But it has strong residuals which aids lower the lease and PCP monthly payments, and provides whole-life cost close to a high-spec Fiesta. A graceful A1 might not be as out of reach as you first believe… The ride is quite firm in any form but if you choose S line model then it becomes little bit uncomfortable. Visibility is good in Audi A1 and it’s pretty easy to park.

Our verdict:

To sum up, we can say with surety that Audi A1 is a smart car with well-built interior and premier exterior, and the remaining thing is engine, which is quite impressive, fuel efficient a sturdy. So, whenever, you are sad or stressed, just pick the keys of your Audi A1 up and visit that place where you have never been before. I am sure you will get a brake and enthusiasm. What is your opinion about this handsome boy, A1?

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