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Audi A1 Engine For Sale

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May 15, 2013
Audi A1 Engine Problems

Audi A1 engine for sale with dynamic quality and innovative technologies



Audi has equipped all its A1 fleet with the top range efficient engine line-up to propel the Audi A1

on roads like a shuttle. Audi A1 is a big idea condensed which is a distillation of great and innovative technologies that came before the A1.  The Audi A1 engine for sale is featuring the cutting edge technologies TDI® and FSI® born and bred on the race track with world famous start/stop technology and S-tronic® transmission technology. These features stretch the resale of Audi A1 engines for sale on top. All new models from 2011 are equipped with the range of Audi engine powered both by petrol and diesel. A 1.2 litre unit has 86bhp on petrol and a 1.4 litre unit has 170bhp with the turbocharger however the diesel powered engines  include a 1.6 litre unit with 90bhp and a 2.0 litre with a 143bhp, same are used in Audi A4. Audi is working to use less fuel and reduced CO2 emissions with more efficiency and less waste of mechanical energy by incorporating innovative technologies. You will find the advanced fuel injection technologies inside the Audi A1 Engines that’s driven the Audi to  win after win at Le Mans. For the direct injection of fuel into the chambers, the TDI® and FSI® technologies are used to instance the combustion right down to millisecond. Due to these technologies the energy waste is minimised because every single drop of fuel converted into a hard punch.

The all new Audi petrol engines were launched in 2010 where a 1.2 litre TFSI was capable of producing 85bhp while a 1.4 litre TFSI with four cylinder and 1390cc was able to produce 120bhp. In 2011 these engines were subjected to modifications and reengineering, resultantly the same 1.4 litre TFSI of 1390cc was now capable of producing more power up to 185bhp due to refinements. A 1.6 TDI diesel engine of 1598cc with 90bhp was modified to produce 120bhp with the same size specifications same year. The Audi A1 engine for sale is equipped with the start and stops technology and in some models the energy reproduction system.

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