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An Insight into the 2008 Audi A6

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Jan 28, 2013

Like Ford’s Econetic models and with some similar tech to BMW’s Efficient Dynamics, this car is ‘optimised’. Think longer gear ratios, low rolling resistance tyres, an on-demand power steering pump, a decoupling alternator and a 20mm lower ride height that contributes to aerodynamics. It matches the headline-grabbing Renault 25 of 1984.



There’s an all-important headline figure for the new Audi A6 2.0TDIe, and it’s not 53.3mpg, however impressive that may be. No, of greater importance is its carbon emission figure of 139g/km, sneaking this A6 beneath the 140g/km tax barrier. Its £24,800 list price is pretty impressive, too: this is a big Audi after all, and it comes with most luxury conveniences despite its ‘e’ suffix. Make no mistake this is no stripped-out economy car. Headline grabber is the arrival of two new Audi A6 engines – a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol and an ultra frugal 2.0-litre turbodiesel. The petrol TFSI developing 286bhp at a relaxed 5000rpm and 310lb ft between 2500-4850rpm.

That’s enough to push the A6 to 60mph in 5.9 seconds and onto the standard 155mph limited top speed, while returning 29.7mpg on the combined cycle, and posting a CO2 level of 219g/km. The cleaner and more frugal engine effectively replaces both the outgoing 3.2 FSI V6 and the 4.2 V8 petrol units.

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